Meeting with Chris and Roxana.

Had a great meeting with Chris and Roxana today!

Chris made a great suggestion in regards to extra flooring and the re-arranging of the pull up bars.

Chris proposed we install hard rubber flooring for the the whole surface area of the studio, to increase our capacity for more members to attend each class. Our max will go from a 12 to 15 members in any given session, which is quite pleasing. The added pull up bar capacity also ensures our numbers for each class will be equipped comfortably.

Next steps will be -

1. Roxana will be notifying me sometime before the end of the week of which days we can go and start painting and tidying up the new gym area.

2. We will be acquiring another equipment quote from Life Fitness.

3. We will also be acquiring a flooring quote from the company responsible for installing the new flooring for the re-fit of the Forum's Harbourside facility.

All travelling well, we should be up and running by the end of October!!!

Logo ideas?

Name accepted!

Word from CrossFit headquarters today that our proposed name "CrossFit Horizons" has been accepted. Start printing T-Shirts and signage!!!!!

Kristy and I will be meeting with Chris (The Forum CEO) and Roxana (Operation Director) next Monday the 1st of August to talk about proposed amendments to the floor plan.

This is welcomed and sees us get just another step closer to getting the final fit out underway.

Head Trainer and Son.

       Jamie helping our son Max(hooded) on a GHD machine. Never too young or old to CrossFit!

Nuts and Bolts.

This week was met with all of the supplier quotes returning from all tendered equipment proposals.

In brief talks with Chris Hicks during the week we agreed our next step will be to highlight any comparisons that vary greatly in regards to particular pieces and investigate the reasoning of why that piece is so much cheaper or dearer than their opponents, then, work out what package will suit us.

EYE, Summit Fitness and Again Faster are the three suppliers asked to tender quotes.

This week will determine a start date for the clean/tidy up of the area that will become our gym. Also, Chris has requested some rubber samples from a number of local suppliers for the proposed flooring that will be placed in our new "box".

Slow but deliberate steps will ensure the best offering we can possibly have when the launch date is set.

It's official!!!!

It's official....There will be a stand alone Core conditioning facility, which will function as a fully fledged CrossFit affiliate (pending approval from CrossFit HQ).

The senior management of the Nusport managed "The Forum" Sports and Aquatic Centre, Newcastle University and"The Forum" Health and Wellness Centre Honeysuckle, Newcastle, in their wisdom have agreed to have a stand alone CrossFit Facility (pending approval) working out of a newly fit out studio inside the current squash pavilion.

"Prevail" will be managed by CrossFit trainer Jamie Johnson along with his wife Kristy. Jamie will also assume full responsibility as head coach.

This Blog will eventually be the communities own very blog that will keep all members updated with the WOD (workout of the day), all results from the previous days training and any special news that occurs within our special environment....... Below is a crude floor plan of how our gym will work from an aerial view. We are so very excited for all the great people who work and study at the uni who will now have the opportunity to try and experience the powerful life changing effects of the style and strategies that CrossFit (pending approval) provides its devotees. It will change who you are and assure your true potential in life. Come along for the ride!

Stay tuned for more news on how our application to affiliate with CF HQ is going, renovation and fit out updates and important dates in regards to opening dates and session times that will suit everybody.