Meeting with Chris and Roxana.

Had a great meeting with Chris and Roxana today!

Chris made a great suggestion in regards to extra flooring and the re-arranging of the pull up bars.

Chris proposed we install hard rubber flooring for the the whole surface area of the studio, to increase our capacity for more members to attend each class. Our max will go from a 12 to 15 members in any given session, which is quite pleasing. The added pull up bar capacity also ensures our numbers for each class will be equipped comfortably.

Next steps will be -

1. Roxana will be notifying me sometime before the end of the week of which days we can go and start painting and tidying up the new gym area.

2. We will be acquiring another equipment quote from Life Fitness.

3. We will also be acquiring a flooring quote from the company responsible for installing the new flooring for the re-fit of the Forum's Harbourside facility.

All travelling well, we should be up and running by the end of October!!!