WOD - Wednesday, 27th March, 2013

Seeing as though Easter is with us I would like to reflect and share with you all a few things that have been in my thoughts about CrossFit and life at CFH.

"OPEN Wounds"

Since the open started, it has been a chaotically intense and extremely fulfilling period of time for us all. I'm sure most of you would agree. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the great patience, commitment, passion and Love you have shown for your fellow teammates for their efforts and mental toughness.  

I see everyone grow greater in stature every day, even though you mightn't be able to see it in yourselves. It's why I Love every day at CFH with my Family and you My Gym Family.

PS. I sincerely apologise if Kristy and myself have been less accessible at times and even though we see you all most days, we miss getting to connect with you all on a regular basis, we're nearly at the end of the busiest time of the year for us. Thanks again for your patience...

"The Power of Some"

Another thing that has been been a constant reinforcement of my beliefs in CrossFit of late is that with "Belief", anything is possible

Even when your belief in your abilities/chances isn't the best with a particular movement, the belief that your teammates have in you will get you over the finish line and also make you do things that you thought you were never capable of, regardless of your CrossFitting skills/Fitness levels.

The Power of the group is Almighty................ 

However, being apart of the group bares great responsibility.

It asks that on the days you don't want to uphold that strength of character that requires you to leave the frustrations of your day, injuries or previous days poor performance where it belongs; outside of the group (preferably with your coach to help you overcome).

I have seen examples of the above rarely in my time at CFH, and the great lesson that I learn from these times is that, 'we all deserve the right to occasionally feel sorry for ourselves'.

 However, the strength of the group relies solely on all individuals holding themselves accountable to their fellow teammates, and remembering that "even though I don't feel great at this present moment, how do I know that the team mate lifting with me isn't experiencing worse than what I am"?

Remember your teammate and coach believe in YOU, even when you don't. 

Whether you succeed or fail, the only way you can let them down is by putting yourself and your problems above them, so with all my Love, Please don't... They wouldn't dare do it to you.

"New Life"

May you and your families have a safe and Happy Easter if we don't get to see you all over the next few days..... As I say often, you have given me and my family more than we could ever give you, with your great loyalty and special friendship.

All our Love, and if anyone is hanging around home over Easter, we'll be around let's have a beer somewhere!!!

Jamie, Kristy, Max, Jesse & Boof.