Head Trainer and Son.

       Jamie helping our son Max(hooded) on a GHD machine. Never too young or old to CrossFit!

Nuts and Bolts.

This week was met with all of the supplier quotes returning from all tendered equipment proposals.

In brief talks with Chris Hicks during the week we agreed our next step will be to highlight any comparisons that vary greatly in regards to particular pieces and investigate the reasoning of why that piece is so much cheaper or dearer than their opponents, then, work out what package will suit us.

EYE, Summit Fitness and Again Faster are the three suppliers asked to tender quotes.

This week will determine a start date for the clean/tidy up of the area that will become our gym. Also, Chris has requested some rubber samples from a number of local suppliers for the proposed flooring that will be placed in our new "box".

Slow but deliberate steps will ensure the best offering we can possibly have when the launch date is set.