WOD - Friday, 6th February, 2015

1. In Teams of 2 - Tabata -

Row (calories) 
30 sec Rest
Air Bike (calories)
30 sec Rest
Bench Press 60/40kg
30 sec Rest
Sit Ups/Toes to Bar
30 sec Rest
Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean 20/15kg
30 sec Rest
Burpee Pull Up

Partner 1 and 2 will alternate intervals. For Example -

Partner 1 works 1st interval while Partner 2 Rests
Partner 2 will do the 2nd interval while Partner 1 Rests
etc, etc.....

A total of 8 intervals of 20sec work:10sec rest for each movement.

(both team members will be seated on a rower and an air bike when you are working on that station)

Score will be total reps.