Functional Training Course - Help needed!!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the workout today!

I need to ask a favour of all those currently following this blog for their programming. The Forum management have given me the challenge of securing 12 lucky members to join me for one session a week for 6 weeks to participate in a functional movement course developed to improve your skills and conditioning using the CrossFit Methodology.

It will be run in the High Performance Gym away from the main gym at the Uni and will be at a time that will be convenient for the majority of attendees. Just let me know when that is, under comments?

The cost will by NO means reflect the cost that will be involved in The CrossFit gym that will be opening at the squash pavillion in the coming months. It will be $90 for all attendees for the 6 weeks (one session per week).

All are welcome regardless of strength and ability.

Sign up as soon as you can and remember to offer your convenient times under comments!

Cheers Guys.


WOD - Tuesday 16th of August

Things to remember before performing this workout -

  • Do not compromise form for the sake of speed
  • Scale the weight appropriately down if 50% of your Body Weight or strict push ups exceed your ability at the moment.
  • Follow the prompts and coaching cue in the attached video.
  • Post times to comments.

For Time -

21 x Push Press (50% of Body Weight)
3 x Push ups
18 x Push Press (50% BW)
6 x Push ups
15 x Push Press (50% BW)
9 x Push Ups
12 x Push Press (50% BW)
12 Push Ups
9 x Push Press (50% BW)
15 x Push ups
6 x Push Press (50% BW)
18 x Push Ups
3 x Push Press (50% BW)
21 x Push Ups