Journey A1

This blog will be my journal, detailing the work it has taken to create our own CF affiliate.

Join me and my family (Kristy, Max and Jesse) on my journey and meet the other great people who make getting up every day a pleasure for me!

If anyone has any feedback with any of the posts I put up, please let me know. I'm hungry for feedback good or bad....

Let us begin..


Why "Horizons"?

Too much of our lives tend to get caught up with what's already happened whether it be to us, someone we know, or care for. 

It could be something that's happened to us that we believe is unfair,  not right or tragic. 

So, this blog will celebrate all the great lessons we learn in life, dealing with them with a well thought out solution, without "looking back" in pain or triumph, just understanding that we are who we are because of these particular events. And no matter how bad things can seem, we will always prevail.

We will always celebrate the present and the future HORIZONS.......... It's all that matters.