Nothing worth having comes easy......

Equipment sourcing change.

Hey Everyone,

It seems that our new facility will have the use of some relatively new concept 2 rowers!!! This is fantastic news!

We will also have access to all the great equipment that will be no longer needed after the re-fit of the Forum Harbourside facility. For example barbells, kettlebells, med balls, flat benches and weight plates will all be predominantly sourced from the materials that are being discarded. Unfortunately from a timing perspective this means a revised initial order quote is being submitted to a supplier that Dean (Nusport Gym Co-Ordinator) has a relationship with. We are also still waiting for a professional quote for the re-paint and repair to the proposed studios walls.......

Things seem to be slowly progressing......never fast enough for me, however. I'm a person who believes in acting as soon a decision to do something has been made. Never a time like the present!

My patience has never been a strong point, however my ability to get things done quick and efficiently is a trait that's helped me progress throughout my previous careers quickly.

All that matters is, that in the next 6 months I will be operating our very own CrossFit affiliate!

Stay tuned for our next update!!