WOD - Monday 27th January, 2014

1. For Time -

20 x Thrusters 45/30kg
20 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull 45/30kg
20 x Jerk 45/30kg
20 x Overhead Squat 45/30kg
20 x Front Squat 45/30kg

At the top of every minute perform 5 x Burpees

Public Notice - Our Kids return to School this week!!

This week the kids will go back to school and although it is a relief for a lot of parents due to juggling work with child care, I welcome it only because of the thought that Max and Jesse will gain opportunities to learn more about themselves and the world away from our uniquely brilliant community.

I would like to publicly thank both Max and Jesse for being such a great support to us over the last 6 weeks. The busiest we have ever been.

I will miss Jesse's constant desire to help and work when there is stuff to get done. She's our sweet Girl, who is always helping the younger children at the gym play safely and responsibly when things get a bit wild.
 I will also miss training with Max, he has worked as hard as anyone in our gym over the last 6 weeks and he has pushed me as hard as any training partner I have ever had. He is an inspiration to me and all at our gym. 

To Max and Jesse Thank You. Mum and Dad Love You beyond words.